Online Opinion is broken.

A dubious market of middlemen is dealing with our sensitive data. SLANT gives you the control over your data and rewards you for making a choice.

The future is called opinion based targeting.

SLANT offers a range of opinion based services while keeping the users in the driver’s seat. Advertisers, market researchers and all interest groups are able to buy valuable opinion data through SLANT – directly from the users.

New business opportunities.

Media organizations should go back to what they do best: delivering valuable information to millions of readers. SLANT is offering new business opportunities for publishers by giving them the chance to make use of their collected data.

Token mining by making a choice.

Find innovative ways to mine online opinion, develop new businesses around it and get rewarded for using the SLANT protocol!


With the best experience for the user


SLANT is aggregating opinion data collected throughout the web


SLANT is treating opinion as data, not as text, which enables new services and networks around opinion


Based on Blockchain technology, SLANT is the single trusted source of opinion data


Hey there! Welcome to SLANT! What a pleasure that you come by our site! We are the founders of RAWR, a social opinion network which is scrobbling and structuring online opinion through publishing sites since more than two years now. We always knew that online opinion will be huge – and RAWR showed us that we are right. That’s why we decided to found SLANT – a decentralized network for online opinion. What does this mean, you ask?


Due to the emerging importance of data (data is our new oil?!), we urgently need to stop pushing all our valuable data for free to the big giants, just to make them even bigger. Users should win back the control of their data! Especially valuable and sensitive informations like our opinion – US-elections or Brexit showed us the big impact of and on online opinion – should be stored secure and transparent.

SLANT is doing exactly this. Users have a transparent view on their produced data and are the ones who can decide wether they want to make it accessible for third parties or not. If yes, they are able to mine tokens, just by publishing their opinion. No immense computing power or coding knowledge needed! You can just mine tokens by having an opinion – doesn’t this sound awesome?


This is our mission. We would love to grow the community around this topic and are happy about everyone joining our slack channel or dropping us an email or contributing her/his valuable knowledge and feedback on our protocol!


The social opinion network based on SLANT


RAWR’s Conversation Widgets sit right within the publishers content. They grab the readers at the point of highest emotional activation.


Publishers collect opinion data directly on their site. RAWR analyses it and turns fly-by’s into real fans of your site.


RAWR is bringing the conversation back into the publishers content. Easy to moderate and to distribute with the newest auto-rawr technology.



SLANT is an open source project which is currently in development. We want you to take part from the beginning on, that’s why we decided to arrange feedback rounds on specific topics in our technical protocol. So if you are interested in what we are doing and want to give us feedback, just join our discussion on the PROTOCOL page, talk to any of the moderators on slack or drop us an email!

Closed feedback round on protocol V0.1

January 18, 2018

Internal review

January 25, 2018

1st public feedback round on protocol V0.2

February 8, 2018

1st topic discussion round: Technical Core

February 22, 2018

Internal review

March 8, 2018

2nd topic discussion round: Mobile Integration

March 22, 2018

Internal review

April 5, 2018

3rd topic discussion round: Queries & Costs and Fraud Protection

April 19, 2018

Internal review

April 29, 2018

4th topic discussion round: Mining Rewards and Inflation Prevention

May 9, 2018

Internal review

May 19, 2018

5th topic discussion round: Consumer and Identity Protection

May 29, 2018

Internal review

June 8, 2018

6th topic discussion round: Message Distribution and Other Cases

June 18, 2018

Final review

June 28, 2018

Protocol release V1.0

July 12, 2018


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