Profit from your customer data while keeping the ownership at the user.

The danger of customer data

Today, companies are fully liable for their sensitive customer data. Data is stored in cleartext on central company servers. Storing it in secure and compliant ways is an almost impossible task and causes massively high costs.

What we offer

We start where data regulation laws don’t apply – freeing companies of their responsibility and shifting data ownership back to the users. Our products and services can be individually combined in order to create the data solutions tailored to your needs.

Data Access Management

Slant’s access management tool let’s companies and individuals define rules and access rights for data usage. Once the rules are defined, the Slant technology automatically takes care of those. Let Slant’s 100% secure and certified technology take care of your data access management.

Data Storage

Store your user customer data in Slant’s decentralized network and avoid data leaks or hacks. The data is stored encrypted on servers from private or public chains of your choice.

Anonymized Data Computing

Shift the data ownership to your users while keeping the advantages of analyzing your user data. Slant let’s you compute on your customer data while it is fully encrypted. This reduces costs coming along with regulations and data leaks. Win your user’s trust and stay on top of your analytics.

Data Ownership Interface

Automize opt-in for data access and let your customers transparently see and manage their data. Slant reduces costs and complexity for administrative paper work coming along with todays data privacy regulations.

Slant for Companies and Applications

GDPR demands massive resources from companies working with user data. European companies spent around $ 7.8bn to fulfill GDPR requirements in 2017. Ongoing costs due to user support and other GDPR requirements are further increasing this number. The decentralized world and it’s networks propose great solutions for GDPR compliant private data computing. Companies can delegate data ownership to their users and access data only when meeting specific criteria, all defined through smart contracts.


Companies need to be compliant with GDPR’s privacy by design & by default rules.


Slant’s private data computing platform is GDPR compliant.

Every Company or Application that deals with a user needs private data computing!

  • Apps in need of shared key management such as medical records, accounting apps, file streaming applications and data marketplaces
  • Apps which aggregate data assets looking for a simple way to distribute proceeds such as social networks and media
  • Apps which manage tokenized assets such as land registers or ownership records
  • Projects generating and managing shared resources such as voting applications & govtech projects


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