the distributed autonomous communty

The Priveos Distributed Autonomous Community

The Priveos Node Network is governed by a DAC (distributed autonomous community). The members vote on important decisions concerning the Node Network.

The Priveos DAC Token

Token Distribution

The Priveos Node Network relies on important parties such as service providers and experts. Every parties’ function and costs are described in a smart contract represented by the Priveos token. Every token holder gets paid for his/her service or expertise by Slant AG as the service company.  Next to the service and expertise provided, each token holder participates in the Priveos DAC.


The Incentivized Developer Program

Slant incentivizes developers to develop new modules on top of Priveos and new Nodes to join the network. New Nodes & new Module Developers get Priveos tokens.

The Timeline

Over the next months, there will be more and more private data modules on Priveos. Get in touch if you want to join the Priveos DAC as advisor – there are a few tokens left for you!

How to get involved

Qualified Investor or Advisor? We are currently finalizing our token lists! Drop us a message and we will come back to you asap!


Developer? Drop us a quick message with your module idea and become part of Priveos!


Block Producer? Get in touch if you are interested in earning some extra money by hosting a Priveos Node!