Decentralized Access Layer to Private Customer Data

privEOS – decentralized private data computing

privEOS is the first product developed by Slant. It is a decentralized node network which is the basis of all products and services offered by Slant. The network exists of over 30 independent node providers who are governed by a DAC (decentralized autonomous community). The software architecture of the Priveos node network is highly secure and allows a wide range of privacy products to run on top of it.

The Platform for Private Data Developers

Slant’s private data modules fulfill a range of functions such as smart contract based access control, file storage, decentralized secure identities and privacy preserving computations. More modules are in the planning! Slant also invites external developers to develop their own private data modules on top of Priveos. Each module can be submitted to the privEOS DAC and participate from and in the Node Network Ecosystem. Accepted modules generate revenues and take part in important decisions all around Slant.


Smart Contract based Access Control

The first private data module hosted by privEOS is a smart contract based access control protocol which offers delegation of data access management to smart contracts. Check out the video to get to know how it works!

The Node Network

Private Data Computing needs a distributed Node Network like privEOS which


  • can’t be controlled by a single entity
  • provides a range of private data computing features
  • is highly secure


privEOS achieves all three functions through a network of over 30 independent node providers who are governed by a DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Community). Want to join privEOS as node provider? Apply!

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